Always Something

 Him and her. An oversea call.

– So, you’re coming to visit? That’s great! I’ll make sure everything’s ready.

 – Like what?

 – You know, things we can do together, – restaurants, sightseeing, shows, friends to visit.

 – I’m only staying for a week!

 – Exactly. Let’s make the most of it!

 – Very well. But you can’t plan everything out in detail, honey. If you have too high expectations, you’re just going to be disappointed when things don’t work out quite as you’ve planned them.

 – I know, I know. Don’t worry.

 – I don’t. But I know you. Actually, I think all girls are like that. You want to take care of everything down to the last aroma candle.

 – Bull! Hey, I just thought about something. What date are you coming?

 –  The 15th. Why?

 – I’ll double-check the calendar so we don’t bump into … er, y’know … any of MY dates.

 – Don’t fuss over it, baby. It’s always something. Either you’re up, or you’re down, or you’re feeling bloated, or you eat everything. Those three days each month where things are totally neutral aren’t really that important.

 – Okay then. But anyway, you’ve never been to this city before! Aren’t you excited?

 – Sure. But that’s not the reason why I come to visit.

 – So, what are your priorities, then?

 – Being together.

 – … Gee. You’re right. That’s always something, huh?

 – It is. The top one. ‘Night, kiddo.

_ _ _


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