The Real Thing, Sketch


– Welcome to New York, buddy. That’ll be one dollar.   

 –Save it, dude! I’ve lived here all my life.  

 – Really? I came here from Russia two months ago!  

 – No shit? Welcome to NYC! 

 – Thanks …


3 thoughts on “The Real Thing, Sketch

  1. Thanks. Had a look at your blog (forgive my snooping) and will go back for another look for sure. Maybe I should join a writing class =^^=

  2. Being a New Yorker is a definition that requires time, for sure. But it also means that being an American citizen too. Who would like that? Personally i wouldn’t. I have my greek citizenship and i am proud of it and most importantly i will keep it that way- hard core European.
    New York is the Metropolis of the modern world just like ancient Athens was; everybody would like to apply for the athenian citizenship, become Athineos(the greek word of being a citizen of Athens).
    But, this mosaic of pictures and sounds that constitutes New York is just an illusion, a propaganda of the city’s spirit.
    I think u are a New Yorker when you don’t know where Brooklyn lies or you are too bored to take the sub and visit Queens.You are New Yorker when you don’t know what happens to the rest of the world.
    It’s not applying the New York’s citizenship that matters. Maybe, it is more important that for once in somebody’s life he/she was a part of this mosaic.
    Would i like to be a New Yorker? No, i am too Greek to admit that, but i breathed the air of this magnificent city, became a tiny part of its image.
    It’s being authentic that counts and not immitating other life status.
    To sum up, i would say that being a citizen of the world is better than being a New Yorker; after all New York is just a city.

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